Management Message
Pagoda Investment is a private equity investment platform with a global mindset driven by one of China's most experienced investment teams. Founded in 2015, Pagoda manages a number of USD and RMB vehicles making growth stage and buyout investments across the world while primarily focusing on disruptive Technologies and Health Sciences.
Pagoda Investment uncovers local Chinese companies with high growth potentials while integrating superstar overseas businesses into China with an operationally value added strategy. Along the journey, the team leverages deep sector research and indigenous resources from strategic partners in China, Australia, Europe, the U.S. and Israel all with the aim to identify the best investment opportunities for suppers returns.
The core team has an outstanding track record in global alternative investments, leverage buyout, early and growth stage investing as well as investment banking, medical research, consulting and corporate operations. Pagoda Investment has been cautiously selecting every investment opportunity, exquisitely designing and solidly building a collective decision-making mechanism anchored by its Investment Committee. Every pipeline project is excessively analyzed and debated, and any final decision would be evaluated by professional insight sector experts and seasoned judgment.
During the holding period, Pagoda Investment delivers full spectrum operational support to its portfolio companies, facilitating their continuous growth, elevating their competitiveness and readying them for the next stages of corporate evolution.